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  1. Hi Walt All installs were standard installs. Purchased directt from affinity. XPS 2019 (virgin) Well somehow things fixed themselfes. came back home today and tried again and Designer launched without a problem. Just strange it would not run yesterday Thanks for the help Jean-Pierre
  2. Hi I just bought a new Dell XPS 15 (2019) and Affinity Designer wont start. I also have Affinity Photo and that is ok, no problems. Is there some kind of framework needed for Designer that I need to install? Thanks for your help Jean-Pierre
  3. All I could find is 4.7.1 but it did the trick. Strange that it ran with a older version before the vs update Thanks for the help
  4. Hi I have installed Photo and Designer on a windows server 2012 R2 running under Vmware Horizon Client. I can see the application in task manager and then it just disappears (silently). There are no entries in the logs and no crash reports The server has 4gb RAM and around 2gb available I must add that the apps initialy did run. I had to update a visual studio 2013 update which did update some .net runtime components. and affinity stopped working after that I believe. I uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity photo based on some forum feedback but that did not resolve the issue. any suggestions? Thanks for the help Jean-Pierre
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