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  1. I am faced with this exact dilemma at the moment. Did you ever find an efficient way to import hundreds of SVGs across multiple icon sets as assets?
  2. Wow - thank you all for the thoughtful comments. They were very helpful! The big letdown for me is the lack of functionality of panel resizing. It seems silly that the interface does not limit vertical scrolling automatically (by collapsing blank space in adjacent panels), nor let you manually resize panels.
  3. Hi Folks, I am new to Affinity Designer. I have 3 questions related to the swatches panel: Is there a way to resize the panel? A lot of space is wasted on swatches that only have a handful of colors. I accidentally deleted a couple swatches when I was playing around trying to remove colors from a particular swatch (note to self: "delete palette" does not mean "clear pallet"). They were default swatches. Is there a way to get them back? Is there a way to change the swatch color tooltip value from RGB to Hex (or anything else for that matter)? Thanks in advance! john