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  1. Does AP read these forums? This issue haa been around for a long time. Years, in fact. And it hasn’t been fixed. This is such a basic functionality problem. No other Apps have this issue for me. Yes this app is priced well, but this glitch makes an otherwise fantastic piece of software useless. I do very detailed drawing in combination with photography, which is why I bought this. I am not getting what I paid for. The desktop app is fantastic...When will there be a fix for this small but essential problem?
  2. Same issue- this is torture to have such an incredible app and have this tiny little glitch that makes it nearly unusable for my purposes... I’ll post back if I figure anything out...
  3. I’m on an iPad Pro 1st generation, and there is a delay for a fraction of a second after I begin painting before the line starts to appear on the screen. This makes it really difficult to use this program - I’m sure it’s a quick fix bc once the line starts to appear on screen, it is perfectly synced with the location of the pencil tip and also very responsive with no lag. There seems to be a constant delay before the program registers input from either the pencil or my finger. It’s the only problem I’ve had so far, but it’s kind of a deal-breaker. Please advise.
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