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  1. On new version, 1.6.5, when in arial I wrote a word with 2 ff , the export in PDF is a white square... on 1.6.4 do not happend... Attach PDF file and JPG coffee.pdf
  2. Frustalupi

    White square with ARIAL

    Thank you for reply Chris Here my Arial. For now I solved using Calibri or other fonts. I works also with Illustrator ad Indesign but have not found ligature problems Thank you ARIAL.zip
  3. I work with Affinity designer with many kind of PDF, but I have some that when try to open, the program crash and close.If I try to open the same file with ACROBAT or ILLUSTRATOR , I have any problem. I have now, about 6 PDF files with same problem, how can I do? Attached one of the problematic files. My Affinity Designer version: Windows 10 Home build 1709 Thank you 3x1.pdf