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  1. Hi, Yes, that works, but i think that would make the cut-out-mask uneditable in the _1070007 file, wouldn't it? The goal is to keep it editable by embedding the .afphoto file. The Workaround that carl stated worked (cropping the embedded doc a few pixels on all sides) and keeps it editable (working "nondestructivly"). Thanks for the effort, though. Greetings Dennis
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for the cropping tipp! Yes, it's a bit of nuisance, but at least there's a workaround now. Greetings Dennis
  3. Hi, sorry to dig this up again, but I'm on and I also have this Problem. Except the adjustment boxes don't appear at all, if I have another Monitor connected. I'm on an XPS15 and the external monitor is connected to HDMI. Edit: I tried resetting AP with the "Ctrl"+double click but it only works once, the second time it's not apearing anymore. If i set the multi-monitor setup in windows to "duplicate", then it works. It's not working with "expand". Greetings Dennis
  4. Hi, OK, If i do it like you and don't use the embedded document feature, i can mask the 1-pixel-boarder-line, but if i use the embedded doc feature, the problem occurs if i export it with a reduced pixel dimension. Even if i try to mask the borders in the mask layer of the embedded doc (via "edit dokument"). If i export it in original pixel dimension the line wasn't visible, but i had an other project where it was visible in the original sized export as well. Have you tried exporting directly from the Test.afphoto (after masking the borders in the embedded doc's mask layer) with a re
  5. Hi, I've found that some render errors from embedded documents are also visible after the export to jpeg. Especially when resized. The errors seem to be the borders of the embedded document. I attached the complete project I tested it with, including screenshots of the export settings. Maybe I set/did something wrong, although I didn't change anything except the pixel dimensions. I'm rather new to this photo editing stuff and watched a lot of the tutorials, which were really helpfull by the way. Greetings Dennis Test.zip
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