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    Hi Chris_K The screen shot showed the justication. Half way down the paragraph a single word is justified. T to the left, h in the middle and e to the right. Ideally this single word would have pushed the rest of the paragrah along just from the beginning of the line rather than taking a whole line for one word. Affinity publisher report j.pdf
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    Something you have solved probably and a request Affinity publisher report1.afpub
  3. Can I insert emoticons.... No that was a failure, just a graphics import from Irfanview, second attempt... Well they’ll be called emoji, that much is learned, but they do seem to be absent, Third attempt... a copy from an email system hey ho ho ho . Hmm, not exciting. Father Christmas is no square. Well it is a ß system (ß copied from Microsoft character table). And this seems to be the answer, use a dedicated emoji font (not unlike wingdings).

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