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    Nik software

    I am running the old versions of my 27 ins iMac and have a colour cast when using them. The image just changes colour so they are us to use. is there away around this please. In vizvea the colours are way off... thanks
  2. cello

    Nik software

    Thank you. Looking forward to a fix from Affinity
  3. If you have a Mac watch the printing video. You should be to define ColorSync and a profile for the paper.
  4. cello

    Nik Plugins

    Hi, I am a new user using lightroom and affinity photo. I am exporting an image from Lightroom CC into Affinity and all colours match to those in light room ok. When i select the filter Viveza 2 the colours bear no resemblance to the original for colour adjustments. I have tried all modes SRGB, ProPhoto, Adobe 1998. 16 bit, 8 Bit and file formats tiff, jpg,psd. Any advice for me please or is this a bug in Affinity ? 27 ins iMac Retina display. 16 gb of memory
  5. cello

    Nik Plugins.

    if you are competing with others it would be a good fix for all users. This renders many plugins useless, Viveza 2 etc if there is no colour profile being passed and the image is out of sync. This should be an easy fix for you. I have just purchased Affinity and find this limiting in my workflow.