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  1. thx Dm 1. Here it is stokerg Untitled_Artwork-17.afphoto
  2. Hi stokerg . I am using iPad Pro 2017 12.9 . I can’t find a option to save file as afp format . So I am sending u a psd file . Which I imported to affinity for editing from Procreate. CB27B203-3AF5-4B72-887E-63A25688200B.psd
  3. Ok so the problem I'm facing that when I use unsharp mask on my files it gives me unwanted blue colour at edges at some parts of photo.which really irritating me .please solve this issue. I attached a file in that u can see the blue and violet colors at edges which which appears after the use of unsharp mask effect
  4. When will real color blending is coming in ipad version . Because that mixer brush doesn't do it. It's just smudges the Colors not blending them like photoshop.please work on this feature
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