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  1. SLUG. I don't know if this has been solved via a workaround but what I do for a DL Brochure, for example, is set my bleed to 12mm in the document set up which will be my slug, then create and centre a box 3mm larger all around than the page with a .5pt white stroke and no fill to represent my bleed. Then I place a dashed .5pt in Rego colour on the fold divisions from the edge of the page to the new "slug". You can have these on a locked layer if wanted. The point here is when you make your PDF, the options allow you to show bleed and of course, in this case, it is the 12mm one that shows including the fold marks. The graphics you drag out to the created bleed box get cut off anyway at the trim marks and so a .5pt stroke around the box is still within tolerance (put the stroke on the outside of the box!). Printers marks in the pdf options should only set Trim Marks which will be unaffected and the pdf will be shown as correct for printing. My 5c.
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