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  1. Hello all, I am trying to edit RAW files from my sony a6500. Affinity is showing the files as RAW when I go to import, but only about half the time are the photos actually loading as a RAW in the develop module. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont, there doesnt seem to be any pattern or consistency. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Thank u guys. I got a couple more questions. Is there a way to view a layer mask as black and white (outside of refine selections)?? does affinity photo for ipad have a “decontaminate colors” like photoshop? For getting rid of color fringing on selections. Thanks again!
  3. How does one unclip the canvas? What exactly does that do?
  4. hey so i have another quick question. creating a new layer with a mask...im trying to paint white outside of the bounds of the mask and i can only paint until the border of the original image that i tok the selection from. I want to go outside of this border. Ive tried pasting onto new documents and cropping the image bigger so i have more canvas but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Hello! First post! Excited to be a part of the community. Absolutely loving Affinity, just got a couple of questions that have been confusing me about making selections. The refine tool seemed awesome at first and I was cutting out complex subjects from messy backgrounds easily, but now I’m finding upon closer examination that it’s really not that neat of a selection. I’ve seen other people ask similar questions so my question is this...when I refine a selection to a new layer with mask, why when turning off the mask do I see an image like the second one I posted? With the nasty selection outlining the subject? Also, how do I get a cleaner selection without all that mess along the borders? I’m extracting the subject from a very plain background, I dont think it should be coming out like this (third photo)....thank you guys!
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