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  1. ok, Thanks for the quick reply. 1. i was really seeking for my .indd (inDesign) projects to be maintained thru your publisher & not to be started from 'zero'. As u said most of PS & AI file formats r supported i hope i shd. not worry about inDesign's .indd(& template) file format. Will still wait & see to confirm it. Hence plz, notify me if .indd support is available in ur The Most Anticipated publisher software. 2. Need to Validate my work against my client's DTD. U may not understand my 2nd point but i still can't imagine professional publishing without DTD Validation. i think even it must be there in PagePlus too. Not Most but ALL of our clients want there work to be validated against their DTD. Plz. make sure of this confusion. Don't get confused with "third party xml" as scripts are like additional add-ons(sub app within a parent app) & XML is for DTD validation (ONLY). 3. U also said that there is no scripting support too, which concerns me for future(but not a lot, if ur application is really that good). Well... Thanks anyway
  2. Hello, Sry, i agree i'm a bit LAZY and not go thru thoroughly through the ocean of the forum, but still searching in a zippy i didn't found my answers, hence writing this ticket. 1. if Team-A wanna fix some error in their Adobe creation by forwarding the project to Team-B with all legal acceptance (via their Affinity product), do team-B need to start over from "Zero" as no support for Adobe's working file extensions? 2. Any Error Fixing/Analysing tools to compete with Adobe's PREFLIGHT, COMPARE(Check out 4th compare tool of Power Styles from Blatner for eg.), Etc. 3. Any Support for third party XML(obviously with DTD), Python, XSLT, Java Scripts. i know i shd. not ask for the product still not in market(ie.. Publisher), but 1st the feature is helpful in all 3-in-1 Package UNITs, & 2nd.ly it really matters. Sry. for the casual english. Thank You, Anant Singh(anant.anant@gmail.com) End Note : Watching Tutorials, but Subtitles as well as an e-book as ref. Requested.
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