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  1. PurpleChameleonDesign

    circular squares

    Brilliant! I’ll go have a look and learn along the way....thanks so much, you’re a star for doing that!
  2. PurpleChameleonDesign

    circular squares

    Wow, that’s looking great, thanks for having a play....how did you do it?
  3. PurpleChameleonDesign

    circular squares

    Cheers...I already know this but as stated above in first message, didn't want to pay when there was a solution I didn't know about...thanks anyways
  4. PurpleChameleonDesign

    circular squares

    The original black artwork is from a cassette from the eighties, which I needed to use to turn into a CD cover which is obviously a different size and the font isn't supported anymore so when the printer said that black was too heavy, I needed to invert the image to white...but as it wasn't pure black with loads of flecks when I inverted it, it also didn't convert into pure white either and the fleck and textures of the paper also all showed up so I had to improvise to create the opposite effect and I also had to mask shapes over the letters to make them into images so I could still use the font...but I'm not concerned with all the layers since the result is the same....its the warping and distortion technique I am after please?? I just want to know for future reference since I have just done the same process with the old black cd as shown above as I needed to go to print this afternoon. Thank you
  5. Hi there, I am trying to convert a square shaped border image that has text incorporated into the border onto a cd, turning it into a circular shape...when I had Adobe PS, this was an easy task that took me seconds...but this time, I have spent hours trying to find a solution and have a deadline to meet and am refusing to pay an extortionate monthly fee just to use Photoshop just for this. I have exhausted my trial offers too. I have only been using Affinity Design for about two months and have scoured the net for tutorials and haven't found any help in the forums here either...does anyone have any suggestions please? I have included past work demonstrating what it should look like as well as the image I need help with, the client wanted it in black but the printers didn't like it so have had to rework everything and invert the lot...which was a lot of hard work I'd rather not do again, although that's looking like its all I can do. Thanks in advance! OUTER FRONT COVER-CV CD-NEW-PSD-improved.pdf