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  1. Hi, When do you plan to release Affinity Publisher? Last Beta is great and I can't stand InDesign anymore! Please hurry up...
  2. For image frame i'm according with you, little better but it's still ok. And I have a Mac. I have duplicate a page with complex vector file and big image, until 63 pages, and I have some display bugs, colored square on pages side. But no crash
  3. I have created a 16 pages document with Publisher, with texts and images, very quickly and easily. The interface is very convenient, really excellent, better than that InDesign, and I haven't encountered any problem. The PDF export gave a very good quality file and rather light in view of the content. Excellent first impression!
  4. I did not make a bad review, I just wanted an estimate of the release date. stay zen ...
  5. Hi, is it possible to make gradient shapes as in Illustrator? If yes, how ?
  6. Not meshes. Exemple, between a blue rectangle to a yellow circle. Illustrator creates the intermediate shapes while dragging the color from blue to yellow. It's a very old tool in Illustrator, and very useful. See attached file.