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  1. Thank you! As far as I can understand, it is impossible to access my D850's settings with Affinity, is that right? The only thong I can do is trying to get "closer" to the picture I originally created "in camera". Is that right? So, I have two questions: 1- Is this possible with other cameras listed as "Affinity compatible"? If so, will it ever be possible with D850's raw files? 2- Will I be losing much by editing from jpegs (I take pictures in raw, but with a jpeg copy)? Thanks!
  2. OSX: High Sierra 10.13.3 Affinity: 1.6.7
  3. Thank you! But how can I do that, I have no idea...
  4. Hello, A rather strange thing's happening when opening raw files with affinity! I have a Canon 60D, a canon 200D and a Nikon D850. I shoot mainly raw and am used to make some minor editing of my photos. Most of the times I'm already satisfied with the "in camera" result and just make some minor adjustments later on in my computer. So, I use the camera profiles to adjust parameters (like contrast, saturation, ecc) and then export the raw (or nef) files to my computer. When opening (with affinity) the files from my 60D, there are no differences between the osx preview software and the image I see in Affinity; meaning that Affinity can, at least to a certain degree, read the profiles and adjustments the user makes in a canon 60D. But when I open my files from the canon 200D or from the Nikon D850, the raw files are simply flat, with no customization what so ever (in the preview software they look just like in the camera or if they were jpegs)! You'll probably answer me by explaining that a raw file is "raw", etc, anf I know that, but it's very useful to have a software that can read the changes you make "in camera", otherwise you're throwing a big and beautiful part of your work in the bin. What can I do to solve this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for your attention, Simão
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