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  1. Hello Forum users I have a issue with Current build Affinity Photo v every time I attempt to draw in Affinity Photo my pen seems to lose focus on the program. I use a 2 monitor setup, My main display is a Ultra wide Monitor at 1440p and my Drawing Monitor is a Pnboo Pn2150 at 1080p in Expanded mode I have confirmed that my pen and monitor selection is set correctly as I can use other programs in the Pnboo Drawing Monitor Screen area just fine. Such as Photoshop and the horrid windows paint in which case the pen function works perfectly. When I load up Affinity Photo on the Pnboo Screen to draw the Pen does not react. I have noticed it is a program focus issue as if I click on the main screen with the mouse then click the Pnboo Screen with the pen it will draw. but as soon as I lift the pen from the screen it loses focus again. and the process as to be repeated. Can anyone confirm this issue or am I doing something wrong? Note this issue only happens when in Extended mode if I enter Duplicated Desktop it works fine.
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