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  1. The crashes are still there with Affinity Photo IOS... Could anyone from the users or affinity team help me out with this??
  2. I am attaching the file again, this time i have saved the original .CR2 file direcly to ios photos rather than first uploading it to icloud than uploading it to this page.. So i am attaching this file again, hopefully this solves the issues you guys are having.. 8E75C48A-0B66-433B-B171-297AA9A8D38C.cr2
  3. My canon dslr is set to shoot in RAW.. I guess this would answer your question... And also when i open the raw pic in affinity photo it opens in develop persona without any issues... The picture i have attached above is on my cloud and then i’ve uploaded to above post..
  4. As soon as i press the develop icon it crashes and takes me to ipad home screen.. and after trying to develop this pic 3-4 times and crashing 3 times consistently when i finally was able to develop it and then would go to edit it the same thing happens 2-3 consecutive crashes.. I have attached the CR2 File.. IMG_1293.CR2
  5. I didnt make any screenshots..i just captured them using screenshot capture..
  6. My Mistake..my current ios version is 11.2.6.. AP crashes while developing as well as editing.. Whenever i perform basic developing of Raw file (.CR2) canon raw file, then after pressing develop AP Crashes.. after performing more than 10 editing functions it crashes again, and there are lot of bugs while performing these actions AP just hangs for 3-4 seconds and then comes to life again.. And after crashing it takes me to Ipad home screen, the app totally gets close down..
  7. I am developing and editing a single RAW pic with no app running in the background and this goddamn supposed full frame ios editor which i am running on my Ipad Pro has crashed for the third time right now.. This is what i get for spending 20$ on an Ipad App Of the Year!! I am running the Latest app version 1.6.7 on my ipad pro ios version 11.2.5.. I am requesting the developers to do something about this issue... Looking forward to your immediate response in this..
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