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  1. jknutson3813

    Turcom Graphics Tablet Issues

    Thank you for all of the suggestions! The thing started working but I am not really sure why so, unfortunately, I cannot add much to this thread for others with similar issues. Thanks again! Joel
  2. I have an off brand graphics tablet, Turcom, that has worked and still works fine for all applications on my PC except for Affinity Photo. It basically just acts like a mouse with sensitivity, but it does not work in Affinity Photo at all. I am currently testing the newest version of Affinity Photo and Photoshop Elements 2018 and my tablet works fine in Photoshop Elements, but I really like the equirectangular perspective available in Affinity Photo so I would like to get this working. I'm glad I tested the software first, and really want to like the Affinity Photo software, but I cannot buy it if my tablet won't work with it. I looked for tablet/pen calibration settings or anything that would allow me some configuration options for getting my tablet/pen working but I can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated! Joel