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  1. I'm still relatively new to the tool - I have used document swatches though, but I am not aware of any functionality outside of storing colors in there. Are you implying it is possible to change pixels of a certain color through the swatch menu? If yes, that would be even better.
  2. Hey, thanks for the fast response. Yes, that is almost what I am requesting. more specifically, this is about raster mode, but I suppose this could be used in any mode. Right now: (Pencil Tool): Press ALT to use the color picker. Request: (Fill Tool): Press ALT to use the color picker as well Just like with the pencil tool. To explain why this is useful for pixel artists: Pixel artists usually work with reduced color sets, and would like to see what happens if a single color is altered. So they pick up a color, change it, and then flood fill all the old pixels in the image with the new color. For that process, you pick colors and fill them a lot. Thanks so much for your time.
  3. Hello, When using the fill tool, it seems impossible to pick colors from your image outside of switching to a different tool. This seems like a very basic and obvious functionality, am I missing something about the usage of the tool? Pixel artists will use this a lot. Photoshop handles this really well, similarly to how it works in Affinity with the pen tool. Press ALT during tool usage to pick a color. At the moment, the ALT key for the Fill tool in Affinity seems to have no use. Adding this would make pixel artists lives a lot easier Thoughts?