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  1. I confirm no issues for me after re import one picture at time thanks. I’ve open a new project for import my photos. I have managed to close/delete the old one, but there’s no voice in the edit option (3 lines). The only option I have is to rename the project.
  2. Drag & drop from iCloud Drive. In this time I drag only 20 pics
  3. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app too.
  4. IMG_3615.cr2I am not running any app in the background. Now I’ve tried to open a new file and said photo not available.
  5. Hi! I have an iPad Pro 10.1 256 GB with last version of AP. I’ve imported 67 pics taken with my DSLR in photo app, then import to AP. Dev RAW editor cannot finish the develop and the app instantly crash. I’ve tried with an hard reset, but it has the same problems.