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    Hello, Hm, hm, nothing. I mean there is no active transfer in the background. This bug shows when I tried to export files from AP to png or jpg. Ok, I try to solve it. I turn off TeraCopy. Thanks. Regards
  2. syncbear


    Hello, I have 12 times per hour sth like this. Windows 10 AP last version Regards affinity ph.afphoto
  3. "Zmniejsz nasycenie" is above. Beneath is "match colors" and its what I'm looking for in the Affinity Photo. Any proposal?:) Thanks:)
  4. I mean this function. Is it help? This, sorry, sth like matches the colors Regards
  5. Hello, I remember from the photoshop cc function, in the style: stylize according to this photo. This is a useful option for photomontage. Is there such a thing available in APhoto? Regards
  6. Hello, what may I do. There is no active shortcuts in the A.Photo. Just no one work. Last version program: Windows 10 Regards
  7. I created the new text style. Is it the best way for the future work? Regards
  8. Hello, how to copy the styles from one the one layer to another? Regards
  9. Ok, thanks, I found it too. I mean from the one separated tab to another. It can be seen as a very simple thing, but if you do it hundreds of times a day it may be important to you;) Regards
  10. Hello, is it possible to drag an open photo to a new tab using the drag and drop method? I use this option in the Photoshop and I want to know if I change to this program or is able to. Regards

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