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  1. Sorry, I'm back. The font colour will not change as before. It is editing the colour as though for Fill although the Font appears to also be the selction.
  2. Hi MEB, I deleted that layer and made another to attempt more text. Does not change the tools not activating on click. When trying to use the new layer, and clicking to type, it goes to the photo image layer. Font colour continues to not be set at the swatches or a fresh setting in HSL Colour Wheel. Notice the gray corner on the tool logos. There doesn't appear to be any explanation for them on left side click with mouse. Also Text layers done prior will not accept further amendment or added text. You can see with this new added image that the photo layer has activated rather than remain on any text layer.
  3. My issue is that the Artistic Text Tool doesn't select in a new layer. I'm taking it that this requires to be a pixelated layer. All was working normally until a couple of hours ago. What would be the Character selector for Fonts actually edits the Fill colour, the font name is above it and the colour will not be changed from black on the HSL Wheel. Then ATT will not select and the canvas fills rather than selecting a place for text. Greyed corner tabs on three tools. None are selecting.
  4. When attempting to add another layer of text the HSL Color Wheel will not select a new colour other than black . Tools do not activate. Am trying to activate any tool, none are working. Cannot understand which action caused the issue. Especially need to use Artistic Text Tool, mode is chosen for Pixel and the photo image layer is rasterised. Complete mystery as I cannot find any prior conversation that discusses this problem.
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