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  1. MikaH

    Export pdf error in AP

    Thank you for your effort, Gnobelix. Issue occured when I choose File - Export - PDF in Export Settings error message says cannot export. Suddenly after cooling down and restarting my workstation again everything worked fine - pdf export was success.
  2. MikaH

    Export pdf error in AP

    Hello, when I try to export pdf for print an error is confirmed. I have rasterized all painted objects and every object has noise on it. What is the workflow to export pdf and I need transparent backgroud? Help needed.
  3. Hi Gnobelix, thank you. Now it works. I adjusted the brush width and controller.
  4. Hello, I have a problem with my Parblo A609 tablet. There is no pressure sensitivity with AD. I just purchased AD. What can I do? Is this same problem with Photo? Help appreciated, Mika