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  1. The TOC creation causing a crash in my 2 page document might be a feature in 1.8.4. In 1.8.3 creating a TOC in that same document gave me an error that it could not create a TOC (but it did not crash in 1.8.3 and it still does in 1.8.4). I will report that as a separate problem if necessary after more testing. The bigger problem that is now fixed was missing styles, no response to clicks, all pages showing blank in pages panel and other things like that in multiple documents after upgrading. 1.8.4 seems stable now with my documents but I still need to get all my settings reentered and work on some documents to feel comfortable that everything is OK.
  2. I believe I have resolved these problems with the unusable v 1.8.4. I deleted the user/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitypublisher folder. Restored copies of documents from before installing v 1.8.4 then restarted Publisher. Of course I lost all my preferences, favorites, etc. But now my documents appear OK. I have not yet experimented with Affinity Photo to see if it will need the same treatment. I will update this thread if I discover anything else after I get some sleep
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I set pre-flight to never and now I can move the page without crashing. But it crashes when I try to create or update Table Of Contents. In the 100 page document that is not corrupt (restored from a backup before 1.8.4) I click NEVER on the Preflight panel and that caused a hang with spinning rainbow wheel. Forced quit the app and opened that document again and set preflight to NEVER but it stays green and I cannot do anything with that document - just like in my description above.
  4. Upgraded to Publisher 1.8.4 via US Apple App Store on Aug 3. Running MacOS 10.15.6 on 2018 iMac with 32 GB RAM. Open 2 page document and move page 2 to before page 1 causes crash. Mac crash report attached. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled on Aug 4 with no change. I have turned off all graphics accelerators, no change. I have disconnected Wacom tablet and used Apple Trackpad, no change. Open 110 page, 195 MB document created with v 1.8.3 over the past 3 or 4 weeks. I can scroll thru the pages but I cannot edit or even select text. Many styles are missing and I cannot select or edit styles. I can click on the arrow to expand hierarchical styles and the arrow changes from right pointing to down pointing or vice-versa but no sub-styles list does not change. The pages studio panel shows all blank pages. File close causes the app to hang forever with spinning rainbow wheel. Because I bought the app via the Apple app store I cannot go back to 1.8.3. Can I download the older version from the Serif site and install it without paying for it again? AP 2-pg doc crash.txt
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