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  1. Has any progress been made with this? I would be interested if this was implemented.
  2. Yep I already use the grids and they work perfectly, but this would be in addition to that.
  3. It would be great if the paste style feature worked on typography as well, like a format painter.
  4. It would be super awesome if more was made of distorting shapes. At the moment if you hoover the mouse over the protruding centre line at the top of any shape and wait, you get a little icon which is two arrows pointing in either direction, you can click and drag this to skew the shape a little bit. But they you need to keep rotating the item then turning it a bit if you want to adjust it and it can be a bit of a pain. It would be great if there was a distortion menu which allowed you to just selected pre-made angles for which your shape could distort too, so for example isometric left, isometric right, 45 degrees etc.. and if then you can add advance alteration like changing the percentage of the skew and the manually pick the direction that would be perfect! Really awesome work on the software so far I use it everyday now!
  5. Has this feature been added yet? Does anyone have a cheat way of doing it? Maybe a pattern brush?
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