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  1. Fantastic! Thank You! That worked just fine. I had a feeling that it was something fairly simple. Not sure why it imports certain images in this fashion but i'll know how to handle them going forward. Thanks again!
  2. Most Certainly. I have attached the affinity document with picture in question. Let me know if the bow in the cropping window appears in your end. Thanks! Odd cropping issue.afdesign
  3. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I've only been using the software a few months. It might just be a setting adjustment but I can't seem to locate anything on it. During the conversion of a PDF to Affinity file the pictures crop awkwardly. If you move the cropping bars away from the picture it reveals the whole item. The strange part is the curve in the cropping window cant seem to get rid of. Is this a simple fix? Any help would be appreciated.