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  1. Yes, with all. But it seems that I found the "problem". I have a SP4 and a 24" monitor which I extend. When I open AP, than it opens on the SP4. Then I move the window to the big one, open a picture, than I only get the special mouse. But if I open AP on SP4 and leave there, open a picture, than it works! It also works if the AP with the opened picture, move on the large monitor.
  2. Hi all, I am new here, but I have AP a long time. Since today it works perfectly. But today I had an issue. If I choose a filter, which normaly it opens a window with the settings (parameters), it shows me the attached icon / cursor. If I click and move the mouse, than I see, that the settings is changing. But I want to do that with the "normal" slider and numbers. I resettet all settings in AP, but it doesn't changes anything. It is maybe a windows 10 or affinity photo problem or can I change it in a setting? Windows 10 are with all updates. AP I tried also 1.6.93 and 1.6.103. I have a Surface Pro 4. Hope anyone can help me. Kay-Uwe
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