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  1. Hi does anyone know how to get the lines to connect or intersect? Is there a special setting I need to fix? If you look at the lines closely every time I try to cross the lines there spacing between them. I'm on the latest version of affinity photo and I want the lines to connect for drawing purposes.
  2. Whenever I draw a line in designer with my huion tablet the lines end up wobbly and bumpy with too many anchor points, is there anyway to fix this, maybe settings I don't know about?
  3. Vincent_1012

    Grainy in Zoom to Fit

    It kinda work, but is there anything else I can do?
  4. Vincent_1012

    Grainy in Zoom to Fit

    So I don't know if it's because my documents have bad resolution or what, but in zoom to fit mode my brushes(all of them) still look grainy. I've tried many types of resolutions(different numbers), but it never works. In Photoshop when you do zoom to fit, it looks fine. So is there something I need to fix in the settings? This also happens to good quality photos when I drag them in from a browser. It's weird because while I'm working on something it'll look really grainy, but once I export it or print it suddenly it looks a whole lot better. By the way I'm on and I use a huion tablet.
  5. Vincent_1012

    Photo and Designer Problem

    Cool thanks it works, but one more question is it normal for brush strokes to look sort of grainy in zoom to fit mode?
  6. So I recently downloaded Photo and Designer on my new PC. Before, on my old computer the programs worked fine. This time though whenever I'd open up these programs they'd crash once I'd click new document or anything on the usual pop up.