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  1. Current version 1.72 My previous version of Affinity Photo had a neat little bug - if I switched on the eye icon to hide the manipulator handles when dragging using the move tool I could click once inside the move tool selection before moving and it would hide the manipulators - after that I would use the arrow keys to fine tune placement without the visual distraction of the manipulator handles. If you can't reintroduce this neat little bug I wonder could you allow the handles to be switched off not just when dragging but also when using the arrow keys? NB: You could also move a layer when in brush mode using the arrow keys but this too has been removed - fortunately I can still do this in paint bucket mode.
  2. Here’s a very quick tutorial that requires no images and may help others who use Affinity Designer with ZBrush to import vector/ svg shapes for extrusion. To bring in an SVG file to ZBrush’s Text 3D & Vector Shapes Plugin successfully I.e with no stretching of proportions and other potential issues….. 1, Make sure your document's porportions within Affinity Designer is square 2, If you didn’t create your vector shape in a square document - copy it and past it in to a newly created square document. NB: How the pasted shape is aligned is of no importance to ZBrush, nor is it’s size within the square document. 3, Select your shape in the document > now export your SVG >File > Export , using the preset SVG (for export) , Area = Whole Document. 4, Import in to ZBrush> ZPlugin> Text 3D & Vector Shapes>New SVG et voila. All should be harmony and joy. (At the time of writing using Affinity Designer 1.6 & ZBrush 4R8)

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