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  1. Just had a look at the darktable website and they seem to say that they will not be developing the file manager capabilities any further than they exist now. All efforts are going into the processing capabilities. So, it will be competing head-on with Lightroom. It makes me wonder how much attention to bugs to correct the Filemanager System part of darktable there will be. Just a thought .....
  2. I'm new to all but the simplest of image processing, but have got fed up with PS Elements (full PS is far too expensive) and decided to try Affinity Photo. Getting use to it still but liking it more and more. As time progresses, I find it increasingly difficult to track images and what I have done, particularly as I am shooting now mostly in RAW. So I've been looking for a DAM that will recognises and display Affinity files. No luck so far. Has anyone any suggestions please? I'd prefer free software as this is just a hobby, but would pay if I knew the software met my needs. Thanks.

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