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  1. That sounds like exactly the same issue I have. Seems like no known fix at the moment
  2. Great video, thanks very much dkalachov. That is exactly the issue I'm having. @MEB - sounds like this is a bug. Any news on when we might get it addressed? I too am hitting cmd+s way more than I ought to be...
  3. One additional question (sorry!) while you've got the file. You'll notice I've tried to create a vector pattern using the same symbol on the "complex 3" artboard. But each instance of the symbol does not seem to be linked to the root symbol ("basic") as I'd expect. This is despite them showing as symbols and not groups. The use case I'm after is creating one core symbol (the "basic") and then have any updates to that reflect in any other uses of the symbol, no matter how sized (and ideally coloured). Is that possible?
  4. Hi MEB. Thanks for getting back to me. The symbol in question does have more than one object yes - the problem just seems to be when I drag it into the window from the symbol panel By the way, it always crashes when I use the history slider too (in my main file I have save history turned on). Is that related? Thanks T Amble - Logo AFD - v3 - for forum.afdesign
  5. Hi there Whenever I try to add a symbol from the symbols panel by clicking and dragging, it adds thousands of symbols in a drag along the mouse path This then causes designer to crash Seriously annoying - is this a known issue? Cheers
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