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  1. Please help me other problem I have a Panasonic GX80 camera. If I open it in Affinity Photo, I set the colors and set it to arm with the Unsharp Mask. Then I export the image quality will be bad. It is blurry, painted, and apparently much firmer than when I import it from Photoshop Express. What's the problem here? Because it's really a big deal. If only setting what's wrong? I tried everything. I attached an example. But it's much firmer than other pictures. I'm going to add something like that. the left hand side of Photoshop Express is perfect. On a full screen, blurred as a picture of Affinity Photo. There are also bugs that I have selected. There is no such thing as PS Express (the PS E. very Sharp). I do something wrong?
  2. Carlas

    .RW2 Raw Hot pixel problem

    Now I understand what the problem is. Thanks Will this not be fixed until Apple does something? Maybe another Raw engine, for example, that PS uses or its own RAW engine? Or did you send any indication to Apple that it would be needed? Any other solution to the problem at present? There is really a problem with evening pictures. For the daytime pictures, the few points do not matter. I thank you so much for everything! The program is gorgeous, but I'm working on it, but it's a big deal!
  3. Carlas

    .RW2 Raw Hot pixel problem

    Thanks. Will this be fixed sometime? Because it's pretty big trouble unfortunately. On the iPad, PS express flawlessly fixes the problem, but I want to use Affinity Photo for 100%. Are they working on the repair? Now I do that I set the lights in PS express, went to .jpg and transferred it to Affinity Photo. But this is not the best way. Any other solution? Thanks
  4. Hi! I would have a big problem. If you open a .RW2 Panasonic Raw file for Affinity Photo, it will not fix any Hot and Dead pixels. Lightroom is perfect for the picture. It also delivers perfectly to Photoshop Express, but Affinity Photo can see Hot Pixels in multiple places. Is there a setting here that I did not notice? Why does not it fix automatically? Do you have a solution? This should be a very basic thing. I use iPad Pro 2017 /12.9"/ Thank you (Sorry Google Translate)

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