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  1. Thank you for responding firstdefence and R C-R! Much appreciated. firstdefence, thanks for the workaround. I used your suggestion and it definitely did what I needed it to do. R C-R, I had no idea you could set the feathering radius to partial pixels! It's not intuitively obvious to a new user like myself, and the UI doesn't make it clear because the slider used to change the radius only increments in full pixels. Thanks for pointing that out; I doubt I would've ever figured that out on my own. The file in question isn't that small - about 5000 x 3500 pixels, but shrinking the feathering radius to about 0.2 pixels smooths out the edges of the lasso selection. Re: the freehand tool itself though, when I look at the marching ants, it looks like it only selects full pixels -- is that correct? Even though reducing the feathering radius to 0.2 pixels makes the edges smoother, the selection itself still seems more jagged than a similar shape created by the erase tool. I'm guessing the way the selection tool works limits how smooth a curve the freehand tool can create.
  2. Hello, New user here. I'm trying to figure out how to get the freehand tool to create a smooth selection that isn't so jagged. In the screenshot, the five cut outs (from left to right) are as follows: 1. lasso, anti-alias OFF (very jagged) 2. lasso, anti-alias ON (less jagged, but still pretty bad) 3. lasso, anti-alias ON, Feather = 1px (blurry) 4. erase tool, hardness = 100 (better) 5. erase tool, hardness = 80 (to my eye, best) I'd like the lasso tool to create selections that are closer to the erase tool example so I can fill them in with a color. I don't understand why even with the anti-alias on, the lasso selections are still really jagged. The document shown is a drawing scanned at 600dpi, zoom 200%. Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you!