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  1. Hi guys, Tried using RED EYE Correction brush on iPad version. It does not work at all. (Selected the brush and marked the eye by dragging across the red part...) Any guidance / suggestions? Many thanks in advance. Samiulla
  2. Samiulla

    Red eye correction brush

    Thanks DM1. Was working on pixel layer. The result was horrible, unfortunately. Now managed to sort it out based on tutorials on changing eye color. Thanks again.
  3. Samiulla

    Mask button etc..

    Thanks buddy. Got it loud and clear.
  4. Hi guys, Baught the app for my iPad last week and trying to understand personas, studios and everything else. Still way too far away from processing my first image!!! Noticed some thing, though... I don’t have the layer mask button (Japan flag) in layers studio and left/right arrows above question mark in the bottom right corner. Where will I find them? Please advise. Thanks / Samiulla
  5. Samiulla

    Mask button etc..

    Thanks. No, I am not using Designer... it’s photo. Got my answers. Probably the older version had that sort of button for masks.... was watching YouTube video on the channel ‘affinity revolution’ where I saw it.
  6. Samiulla

    Mask button etc..

    Thanks Alfred, got the undo/redo buttons. But did not understand your suggestion regarding masking. Have been watching some YouTube videos and they all show/talk about mask button [looks like Japan flag] in the layers studio on iPad.
  7. Thanks again MEB. Shall do it tonight / tomorrow. Regards
  8. Hi experts, I am a new user of affinity photo, thought bought the app little while ago now trying to learn the basics. I notice that my app was updated on 2 nov. How do I know if I have got the then free bonus contents. Pleased to hear. Best regards / Samiulla
  9. Many thanks MEB, noted. To claim the Macro Pack on macOS, do I need to open separate Affinity Store account? If yes, then how/where do I do that? Please advise. Thanks again. Samiulla