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  1. Patrick, Makes sense, thanks for clearing it up for me! I'm glad to hear we have an option to purchase the Mac version directly now, I will likely go that route since I prefer having a standalone product key rather than having my license tied to a third-party store account.
  2. Hi, I've purchased AD for Windows last year (Serif store) and now I was thinking about getting the Mac version as well. I wanted to try how it runs first, so I downloaded the trial. Right as I first started it, it asked me for a product key (which is weird, since as far as I know you can only get the Mac version through the Apple Store), so I entered my Windows version product key out of curiosity. Surprisingly it seemed to have accepted it, so now I'm sitting here with seemingly activated standalone Mac version of AD. Am I right to assume that this is a bug and not intentional?
  3. Okay, I was able to reproduce it without fail by manually editing the stroke pressure. I guess only the keyboard shortcuts are affected, because the keyboard itself works normally for other things (Windows key still opens start menu, escape key can still close menus in the application, etc.).
  4. I cannot seem to reproduce it with global colours in Designer. I will keep working as normal and report back if it happens again.
  5. The same thing happens to me in Designer, latest update. It happens in just a couple minutes of work, I had to revert to the previous version, because it was unusable I think it's the entire keyboard (I haven't tried every single key). I'm using Wacom drivers v. 6.3.27-2 and no keyboard management software.

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