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  1. How do I get that rectangle to follow the path of the G, almost like there is a white outline around the G.
  2. What would be the best way to get rid of the white rectangle but still keep the aesthetic of the yellow highlighted part?
  3. Hello I'm a beginner and I want to know the easiest way to cut off those little corner chunks (highlighted yellow) and how to cut the highlighted green part to be level with the main stem of the K
  4. Alex mar


    When I select all of the four rings It looks like this
  5. Alex mar


    No, when he converts the ellipses to curves, they outline show up that he divides with. Like in this picture. I'm trying to get those blue outlines.
  6. Does anyone know what this person did at around the 31 second mark. I saw that he converted it to curves, but I don't know what else he did.If anyone knows, please tell me.
  7. How would I easily clean up these highlighted little corners sticking out. These were made using the pen tool, and I tried fiddling with the nodes, and I can't get it looking good. I was going to try and use white rectangles around it to clean it up, but there has to be an easier way. Thanks!
  8. I don't know how to easily cut things in Designer. In the photo below I want to cut the highlighted part out and delete it. But I don't know how I would easily do it. Could I that path as a cutting tool. I already tried using the geometry things like divide, subtract, add, combine, intersect. Thanks!

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