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  1. Much obliged, @Alfred & @v_kyr This has been most educational!
  2. Thanks again, v_kyr. I suppose, though, it still doesn't quite explain (as least to me) why the alignment of that "S" character changed. But again, perhaps I'm just missing something.
  3. Ohh, I see now. v_kyr, many thanks. I now blush, of course, having submitted this as a potential bug, when it seems that I just didn't understand the svg format with respect to text. And I now appreciate (having quickly read up on the subject) that for svgs containing text, I need to do a conversion to curves (Layer > Convert to Curves). So, in turn, thanks for bearing with own learning curve! And, again, I'm sorry for what seems to have been a false alarm. Denis
  4. Hi everyone, I seem to have encountered a situation where an svg image that I've created in Affinity Designer is rendered differently, depending on whether I open it on a Mac (which is the platform I'm using Designer on) or a Windows PC. I'll attach two screenshots showing the difference. You'll note that the letter "S" in one screenshot (taken from the Windows PC) appears to have gone for a little wander. And this remained so, seemingly regardless of the Windows application I opened it in (I say "seemingly" because my tests weren't exhaustive, but I tried multiple browsers, at least). Perhaps it's worth mentioning, too, that I only purchased Affinity Designer yesterday (again, that being the Mac version), so it could be that I'm missing something, but if so, it's not plain to me where I might have gone wrong. And indeed, nothing would have alerted me to the discrepancy had I not been switching between Mac and PC. Anyhow, by all means let me know if I can provide more information. But at first blush, it does seem to be something of a bug. Denis PS: Also, if it helps, I was able to repeat the problem (ie, by exporting a fresh svg). And when I then tried exporting the image as a png file instead, the problem was resolved (ie, the "S" was aligned properly on my Windows PC).
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