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  1. Addendum: I see that it goes away if the blend mode of the group is set to "normal"; it occurs if it's set to pass through. I checked the documentation on pass through, which didn't clear things up regarding masking; since the mask is a property of the group - it has the special slot after all - and it would seem most intuitive to me that it applies to all content of the group, no matter which blending mode was selected.
  2. I believe I found a bug in the way masks are applied to groups. I've attached an example afphoto file to show the behavior. Steps to reproduce: Create white background Create new pixel layer, fill with 25% gray Duplicate 25% gray layer Create two groups with the 25% gray layers First group Select first 25% gray layer Select "New Mask Layer" Use gradient tool to create layer from white to black, top to bottom Second group duplicate gradient mask from above Insert as mask for second group Toggle the two groups to compare (turn off respective other group) Expected result: the two images produced look the same Actual result: the image when using the group mask has an uneven gradient Here's the layer mask, looking as expected: And here's the group mask, looking uneven: group-mask-bug.afphoto
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