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  1. Thanks Callum and Alfred. Are you able to advise when the fix is completed? Regards John
  2. Thanks Alfred. Using an Ipad Pro v2, 12.9 inch version. IOS is 11.2.6.
  3. Hi I currently have photos loaded on both Icloud drive and Google drive. When I open Affinity and try to ‘open from cloud’ or ‘import from cloud’, the photos in each respective drive appear as icons only and not the actual rendering of the photo. However, when I ‘import from photos’, the actual photo appear. Is there any way to have the actual photo’s appear when using either Icloud drive or Google drive? Do I need to change a setting, if so, what is it. Thanks for your help. John
  4. JohnnyGee

    Macros install

    All is working now. Thanks all. John
  5. JohnnyGee

    Macros install

    Thanks for you replies and help. I still have an issue. I've successfully unzipped the file. I've stored them in my Files Folders in my Ipad. When I attempt to import to Affinity from the Files Folders, the files are all grayed out. Is there an Ipad setting I need to change? Cheers John
  6. JohnnyGee

    Macros install

    Hi. Just downloaded a free pack of macros for Affinity Photo for my IPad. It’s a zipped file. Can anyone provide instructions on how to install? thanks John