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    The obvious one would be photography, collecting old cameras, my iPad Pro, Flipboard, and cooking/baking.
  1. BlueBoxPhotos

    Crashes when using refine tool

    I tried going backwards and wound up on public realease 11.3 That didn't help one bit. I'm on beta 11.4 now and I have put the latest AP beta. I haven't tried it yet, been doing all this updating going backwards then really forward.
  2. BlueBoxPhotos

    Crashes when using refine tool

    I’m still experiencing crash after crash even after I deleted AP and all docs related to it. So I started with a blank unused AP public release and still crashing. I cannot rely on AP to edit at all right now. But there is nothing that can beat it in the App Store. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael
  3. BlueBoxPhotos

    Crashes when using refine tool

    I left the beta just now because of so many crashing issues. Now I'm on latest public version and same crashing issues over and over. Wondering if this could be caused by iOS 11.3 beta
  4. BlueBoxPhotos

    Crashes when using refine tool

    I'm not on the beta, but would love to be. My Affinty v. 1.6.5
  5. BlueBoxPhotos

    Crashes when using refine tool

    I have the same issue and also upon exporting. I have already been doing the "work around". Problem is, I'm having to do it just about every other export. That's is not a fix. That is a headache that we shouldn't have to be doing every other export. iPad Pro 12.9 2nd edition

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