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  1. oddscenes

    Freezing when picking fonts

    @Chris B Ok cool, yeah that process works. Thank you!
  2. oddscenes

    Freezing when picking fonts

    @carl123 The character panel also freezes the program. @Chris B I do have an external 4K monitor, and am running a macbook 2016 model, with 1440x900 resolution on the macbook. Not over 5k but I guess combined its over 5K.
  3. When using Affinity Designer (latest macOS - Affinity Designer v1.6.1) As soon as I go to pick fonts to change fonts or add fonts the program freezes (edit: not crash, freeze). So I can't change any fonts. The font selection works fine in Sketch, AdobeCS6 Photoshop etc.
  4. oddscenes

    Zooming / canvas bug

    Often (about 75% of the time) when I load in a jpg or png to start with on my project the actual document shows up in only a corner of the "canvas" when really the image is taking up the full space. You can see below how when I zoom in and out at different levels it: - sometimes fill up only part of the canvas area - sometimes fills up whole canvas area - sometimes glitches out with random squares appearing in different areas I'm running MacOS latest 10.13.2 Affinity Photo 1.6.6