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    Opening Pictures in AP

    I get this too, when saving anything, anywhere (via iOS Files). It’s intermittent, and cannot be reproduced reliably - it just happens every other time, or doesn’t. When it does, there’s nothing you can do but kill the app and restart. Not 100% sure if it’s the same issue (Photos vs. Files), but the symptom appears to be the same.
  2. The title pretty much summarizes it. Saving a liquify mesh is completely broken. Either it saves nothing (tried both local, and to iCloud), or it freezes with a completely white screen, and the only recourse is to kill Photo and restart, losing the work. Additionally, regardless of the location you save to, the message *always* says "Saving to iCloud".
  3. Getting white screen too on multiple save actions. Not always, but every n-th attempt. Please report this in the bugs section.
  4. Getting this with any parameter assigned to pressure. With Value assigned to pressure, i get random ”blips” of white when painting black, for example. With Size assigned to pressure, i get random ”blips” of maximum size brush. It never happens during a stroke, it’s always at the beginning of the stroke - Photo randomly reads the starting pressure as 100%. Additionally, there is no way to assign opacity to pencil dynamics, which is a pretty basic thing. Serif, please fix the brush tool!

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