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  1. Thank you! That's so crazy! Fixed the justifications and it's all good!
  2. That's so odd...and it just did it to me again with the artistic text tool as well, which is super annoying. Is anyone from Affinity able to help me troubleshoot this?
  3. Designer, windows, version The offending text frame is located on artboard 1, just to the right of artboard 13. The top frame is the one that I copied over from artboard 13 and can use the spacebar with. The second one is the text frame that I cannot space in. Murder_program.afdesign
  4. I recently added a frame text box to an existing document but when I started to type, the spacebar will not leave a space. Text is entered but the spacebar seems to have somehow been deactivated for that particular frame. I can copy and paste existing frames and modify the text in those with the spacebar functioning fine. Is there a setting in each frame that I somehow turned off on the newest frames?
  5. Hi, thanks! That was the problem! Though I do have some weird things happening in the frame text boxes too. Even after fixing this, sometimes my spacing between lines is super small and I can't change it unless I change the paragraph spacing. I'm not hitting enter to cause the text to move to the next line and trigger a paragraph so I'm not sure why it's happening either. Seems like my settings got all crazy recently.
  6. So I've been using Affinity Designer now for about six months and just on this last artboard group that I've been working on I noticed that my artistic text tool is wonky. When I select the tool then move the cursor to create the size of text to start with, the text is much higher above my cursor and when I type, I am unable to get the cursor to select the bottom most row of text without using the keypad. It's like the box thinks my text is all much higher than it really is. Help! I am not loving the keystrokes to have to change my text.
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