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  1. Thanks Meb but I finally got it to work. Very complicated and nothing like the easy task described but at least I got there in the end. I suspect the issue was due to a windows 10 upgrade on my laptop happening in the background (I hadn't used it for quite a while). Suddenly I stated seeing things I didn't see before. Anyway, all's good now so thanks again for your assistance.
  2. Hi Meb, thanks for your help but unfortunately it didn't work. When I go to the Microsoft Store and call up the app, there is a 'Get The App' button and nothing else. If I click on that, I am directed to the Affinity Photo (Serif Europe Ltd) store to purchase the app again. Why is this stuff so damned difficult?
  3. I bought and downloaded Affinity Photo through my desktop computer. How can I download a second copy onto my laptop? When I sign in and go to my Microsoft account 'order history', I can see the purchase but there is no way to input my product key to download a second copy. Driving me nuts!