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  1. the problem is, when i do it that way i get horrible result, like trying to fix an very underexposed picture, is there no way to get back to affinity befor the update that made it this way? i do have a very old photoshop elements so, i an nog use that to at least do some basic work and save as jpg and than open in affinity but its kind of frustrating, it worked so wel the first months i used affinity, dont wanna go back to photoshop
  2. hi gabrial, thanks for your reply. do ypou have any idea how long thats gonna take? or how to bypass this issue?
  3. When I want to edit my raw files and open them with affinity photo, it opens way to dark. even though my picture itself is slightly over exposed. when i open the same picture with Dark table it opens just fine, also when i open a preview with windows foto its a lot lighterjust as on the camera. ive already de and reinstalled affinity hoping it would solve the problem but can seem to get it to work properly. I ve asked a friend to check it out with his photoshop lightroom, but there it opens just fine. its just affinity not doing it right. ive attached a screenshot of the picture in affinity and in the preview from windows. also atached the Raw file. When i make it lighter by changing the exposure slider it really messes up the quality so thats not an option. been using affinity for months now without problems, so i dont really understand why these last couple of weeks this is happening. hope you can help me. I use an fujifilm xm1 camera. DSCF5006.RAF
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