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  1. JLeonard

    Refine Selection Bug - Affinity Designer

    Thanks MEB. That at least clears it up. Much appreciated.
  2. JLeonard

    Refine Selection Bug - Affinity Designer

    I did find the Designer Beta and am using it. Specs are: MacBook Pro, 13" | Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 | Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 I fiddled around with the preferences trying to promote speed rather than optimal image. Not sure if it helped. I've uploaded a file. This isn't the one that I need to work with the refine mask, but I used a mask in this, so it should illustrate what I'm having difficulty with. None of the options in there will work - feather, ramp, etc. I am a newbie, so I could be using it wrong. Thanks for the help. Cinderella.afdesign
  3. JLeonard

    Refine Selection Bug - Affinity Designer

    Whoops. I guess that's the Photo version. I have Affinity Designer. Played around with it a little. Still no fix.
  4. JLeonard

    Refine Selection Bug - Affinity Designer

    Hey Chris, 1.6 is my version. And it's the Mac App Store version. The color format for the document is CMYK-8. I tried the soft reset (nice to know how to do it) but that didn't help. I'll give beta a try. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Having a problem with Refine Selection, specifically with masks. I click on it and then get beach-balled and have to quit Affinity Designer. Anyone else having similar problems? Anything I can do? It's happened with several different documents so it's not limited to the one I'm using. Thoughts? Help? J

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