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  1. Thanks PÅ¡enda, I can see that having an effect. Follow-up question: The lens correction has a very nice effect, e.g. in my example vertical and horizontal lines become absolutely straight. If I try to mimic the lens correction Assistant with the Lens Correction in the Lens Panel and or the Lens Distortion Filter later on the result is much less convincing, even if both are applied. Is there an option to inactivate just the cropping action of the Lens assistant and keep the mathematical bit that does the stretching? Cheers, Hendrik
  2. Hi, Newbie question here. I'm using the Lens correction in the Develop persona, for a wide angle lens. With the default settings, the corners gets cropped. I would like to retain the corners, even if it means missing pixels in the center of the edges due to the distortion. Where can I disable the automatic cropping? Cheers, Hendrik
  3. Hi, Is there a way to perform Histogram Equalization in Affinity Photo (even if under a different name)? Cheers, Hendrik
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