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  1. Hey to whom concerns. I got the issue only for one file apparently. So I will try to amend for myself. You can consider this topic and close or archive it. Since not really relevant Thx Johan
  2. Last weekend I upgraded my Affinity Designer version 1.7.1 from Affinity Designer version 1.6.1 (Beta3) I used this version because I was recommended to use since the regular version of Affinity Designer version 1.6.1 continued to quit unexpectedly when working. Now my problem is that since the upgrade i installed after downloading from the App store the Affinity Designer version 1.7.1 refuses to open any of my files. 'Failed to load document' 'Access to the document file was lost while performing initial loading' See attachment Can anyone help me out with this issue? Got a job to finish and have no longer access to my work.
  3. I did an upgrade from my Affinity Designer (App store) to the latest version and I'm running Affinity Designer version 1.7.1 now. However due to previous issues of running Affinity Designer version 1.6.1 ... I was suggested to run version 1.6.1 (Beta3) instead and that worked fine. In fact I suppose that I upgraded as from this version. Since the upgrade to version 1.7.1 now I can't open any of my files made in previous version 1.6.1 (Beta3) Affinity Designer . Message I receive is 'Access to the document file was lost while performing initial loading' - ' The document must now be closed' Any suggestions what I can do to remediate? Need absolute to finish work and need access to my documents Thx Johan
  4. ok foundit ... am installing the Beta ...
  5. Can you tell me where I can find the Beta?
  6. Well I did as requested _Then launch the app with ⌃(ctrl) held down until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Remove the ticks for Don't restore window and documents and Reset Studio. Leave only Clear User Defaults checked then press Clear. This should fix the crash issue._ ...and have still the unexpected quits... It's a shame... because I can't trust the program and remain sure that my work will not get lost
  7. Please find here the report as requested Affinity Designer_2018-01-28-103618_Johans-MacBook-Pro.crash
  8. Hi. I bought and installed Affinity Designer from the Mac App Store. Whenever we try to change the resolution of the document (dpi) in the document setup from Affinity Designer (1.6.0), the program immediately crashes with the "Affinity Designer Quit Unexpectedly" message. We are using OS Sierra 10.13.2 (the most recent). I also noticed that I can't change the document from print to web .... in the document setup I really need to change this setting since I principle work with web images regards Johan