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  1. A bit late, but a bit of trial and error found the core skills files at: https://affin.co/coreskills (Just noticed this is listed on the Chapter title page, but it is really hard to read the text on a green background!)
  2. Ah, that makes more sense I hadn't realised I had created the document for Print output. I have changed this to Device (with the appropriate custom settings) and it works as expected now.
  3. Hi Sean, Yep, that works. I have to say it seems like an odd implementation choice. Surely, DPI is only relevant for things like print, or other formats where you want to specify the size in inches (or mm). If the exported image size is specified in pixels, then I would expect it to be that size in pixels. Also, if 72DPI gives x1 pixel size and 144 gives half size, then I would expect 300 dpi to produce (roughly) quarter pixel size. So it all feels a bit unintuitive and "hacky". (And undocumented!) Anyway, this works. So thanks for your help. Problem solved.
  4. I have just run into this problem as well. I have created a file with several slices. When exported, they are all half the size. I have tried this with the Single JPG and Single PNG presets, with the same results. My temporary workaround is to export using the retina preset and then rename the files. As requested before, a file (with just one slice) is attached. And the resulting PNG files. Untitled.afdesign
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