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  1. In replying to this thread, I thought of a better forum system that would also help your user community make your products the best in the world. If when commenting I need to go #offtopic or #changefocus to another element to #maintainefficiency from a #userspov, tags could create separate nodes within a comment thread so that a writer can write in thought flow, while readers can find and read and note those topics that are specific to their interest, which are mentioned in a multi-topic thread. A WYSIWYG hybrid vector/rastor/css app would also be revolutionary, if you're looking for that cr
  2. Thanks Alex, I found the setting that fixed the line quality. It's under Preferences>Performance>View Quality I changed it from the default "Nearest Neighbor" to "Bilinear" For an out-of-the-box better user experience to compete with Adobe: I would recommend Bilinear be enabled by default instead of the current default. Also the "More" moniker on that button was not at all obvious that it contained the brush pressure sensitivity options. An icon showing a thin to thick curved brush-stroke perhaps with an additive texture would be more obvious, which could then bring up the same men
  3. I just fired up Affinity Photo Beta for the first time and had this user experience: Created a new pixel layer. Selected a brush, painted a line. Response time was not solid, brush felt floaty, jittery, and imprecise. Found no pressure sensitive thickness controls. Selected a thinner brush. Brush displayed with breaks in line. Despondancy set in. Started seeking solution. Zoomed in. Line became clear. Drew thinner line, line displayed with zoom artifacts like breaks in the line. Zoomed in further, display showed line clearly. Took screenshots, came here, posted this. Depending on response
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