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  1. Thanks i guess that could work, still an extra step but ill probably get used to it
  2. I know this is something not so important, but I want to edit a layer by itself, I don't like the fact that when I want to edit one layer with adjustments it edits all the layers, I don't know if I'm missing something or if this is just how it is but I don't want to have to merge the adjustment for it to affect a specific layer. this might be the thing with the trial because I'm using the trial to test affinity, I've been using photoshop for a while and I'm really used to edit layers just by separately without editing every other layer. if there is a toggle to this that I don't know about I would like to know because this is keeping me from switching to affinity, other than that, I'm enjoying what affinity has to offer, there's a little less but I'm sure more will come eventually.